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Back in the Day Part 5 - A Discussion on Storm

posted Sep 16, 2015, 10:40 AM by Anjuan Simmons
My series on the posts I made to NNTP newsgroups as a young Minority Tech continues! Here, I respond to someone who wanted to talk about Storm. Given my established affection for the character, is it surprising that I jumped in?

From: (Anjuan Rey Simmons)
Subject: Re: Start Discussion on Storm
Date: 1995/08/11
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organization: The University of Texas at Austin
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In article <>,
Josh Taylor <> wrote:

> On 10 Aug 1995, Clint Gerdine wrote:
> > Hello All,
> > 
> > I wanted to start a discussion on Storm, easily the most neglected
X-man which
> > is quite suprising given she's one of the most powerful and is leader
of the 
> > Gold Team.  I believe the neglect of Storm started with #170 when she
> > Callisto through the heart.  This seemed to ruin her inner serenity
and lead her
> > on the road to angst and subsequently neglect.  

   As maintainer of the Storm Page, I feel a certain need to join this
thread.  I thank Mr. Gerdine for starting this discussion, and I hope it
yields a postive response.
   The character of Storm has led quite a tumultous history.  I think this
can be attributed to the fact that a lot of writers just don't know how to
handle her.  I think Mr. Gerdine is correct in that her character began to
change during the Morlock encounter with Callisto.  I'm not sure who was
the writer of Uncanny X-Men during that time, but I think the intention
was to make Storm a "harder" character.  Of course, this storyline was
pratically ignored from that point on, and Storm was seldolmly seen
interacting with her Morlock followers.  From that time onward, many
writers have tried to portray her according to their particular
perspective.  There was no "standard" Storm like there is a "standard"
Wolverine or a "standard" Cyclops.  It was easier to portray her as the
cold and under control leader than to show her as a character with deep
empathy and compassion.  I am by no means saying that Storm was a
completely trashed character.  She did have her shining moments under the
graceful pen of Claremont.  However, recent authors have not captured her
esscence, at least in my opinion. She has been overshadowed for the most
part by Rogue and Psylocke (the "babes" of the X-Men).  Without solid
writing, I fear that Storm will become simple eye candy (especially under
the pencil of some "legs and breasts" artists) whose main function is a
lightning bolt or occasional airlift.  Well, that's my two mites.  I hope
others bring their responses to this discussion.  Take care and visit the
Storm Page!

Storm Page:

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