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How to Get Minority Tech

posted Jan 14, 2014, 4:12 PM by Anjuan Simmons

There's nothing quite like holding the first 300+ page book that you've created. Minority Tech is available in paperback form from Lulu or in Amazon's ebook Kindle format. You can use a QR code reader to scan the QR codes in the graphic above (the funny looking black squares) or you can use these URL's:

Link to "Minority Tech" Paperback Edition
Link to "Minority Tech" Kindle Edition

Keep in mind that you don't need a Kindle to read a book in Kindle format. Amazon offers a wide range ofKindle readers for almost every platform you can think of including iOS (iPhones, iPads, and iPods), Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry, Mac, and PC. The benefit of the Kindle Edition of "Minority Tech" is that it's portable, searchable, has clickable links, and costs less than what most people spend on a Starbucks run.

The Paperback Edition is great for those of you who like reading books the old fashioned way: on dead trees. While paperbacks are not as versatile as ebooks, they look better on bookshelves and are easy to share. I also included several pictures in the Paperback Edition of "Minority Tech" that are not available in the Kindle Edition. You'll pay a lot more for the Paperback Edition because printing a book costs more than procuring digital bits, but I think you're getting a lot for the price.

I want to thank my Launch Team for helping me improve "Minority Tech" and add valuable reviews to the Amazon Kindle Edition. The members of the Launch Team are:

Maria Andrews
Frank Bradshaw
Tenecia Brown
Christie Crowder
Kai Dupe
Lynne D. Johnson
Darrin Moore
John Redmond
Antuan Simmons
Marsha Simmons
Andrew West

I hope that everyone who reads "Minority Tech" leaves comments on Amazon or Lulu or on this website. I want this to be a conversation about race, technology, and diversity. Those are three topics I was passionate to write a book about, and I will spend most of my life discussing.