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My Last Facebook Post

posted Dec 12, 2014, 9:22 AM by Anjuan Simmons
I should clarify that this is my last Facebook post of 2014. However, I don't see myself posting on the platform anytime soon. As stated in the post below, I am focusing on writing a book of fiction next year. I'll still occasionally post to this blog, but I think I have successfully communicated the message of "Minority Tech". I'm moving on to my next book which will be a work of fiction. Specifically, it will be a historical fiction book based on the Old Testament.

Here's the post:

Last year I published a book called "Minority Tech" ( that was fundamentally about two things:

1. My experience as a Black Male in America
2. The need for greater diversity in the technology sector

This year has been remarkably filled with those two topics. There has been media coverage at a level we haven't seen in decades about the often fatal intersection of law enforcement and racism (especially when Black Men are involved). Also, the technology sector is starting to reckon with why marginalized groups encounter unfair obstacles entering the industry and often exit soon after they see the unevenness of the playing field in what is supposed to be a meritocracy (…/tech-diversity-jackson-…/20210063/).

So, I see 2014 as the validation of what I put into "Minority Tech". But, I'm finished having those discussions. People who want to know my opinion can buy my book.People who don't see racism cannot be convinced it exists. I'm moving on. But, you should really buy my book. 

Some may have noticed the dwindling number of posts I've made on Facebook this year. Despite my early enjoyment of social media, I honestly don't think the various platforms currently do much for my utility function. This is especially true after it was brought to my attention that someone used photos of me to create a fake profile (including me as her fake husband:

I'm focusing in 2015 on my next book. It will be an epic work of fiction. I'm excited about it! As always, you can contact me via

I wish all of you the best in the New Year! I'll be writing.