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My Smartphone Banishment is Over

posted Oct 24, 2014, 7:12 AM by Anjuan Simmons
I broke the screen on my Samsung Galaxy S3 a few months ago. I went into Verizon Wireless to see if I could get a replacement since I had insurance on my plan. The customer service representative said I could get another S3 for $99. I didn't want to spend one hundred dollars on a phone that was obsolete so I opted to wait until I was eligible to upgrade. That meant that I would be without a smartphone for a couple of months.

In a world where large parts of it are marked by famine, war, and disease, going without a smartphone is a very minor thing. However, it's been challenging not having one. I had to find a landline phone to make calls, and I missed many incoming calls to my cell phone number. I also missed a few events since I didn't have a calendar in my pocket that would chirp whenever I had an upcoming meeting. I am more reliant than I care to admit on having a smartphone in my pocket.

Last night, I picked up my Galaxy Note 4. As I'm loading and configuring my apps, I'm feeling some kind of way. It's nice to be back.