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Should I Attend a Same-Sex Marriage?

posted Sep 3, 2014, 1:18 PM by Anjuan Simmons   [ updated Nov 19, 2014, 7:33 AM ]
One topic I covered in the Minority Tech book was how social media had changed my views on a variety of topics. 
This includes the rights of not just people of color but also women and members of the LGBT community. 
I was recently asked  about attending a same-sex marriage. This was my response:

I think there are really just three questions to ask yourself before deciding to attend a same sex wedding:

1. Do I attend weddings to show that I approve of how the couple have adhered to the Biblical definition of 
marriage or to show support for two people who are making a life-long monogamous commitment to each other?

2. When invited to heterosexual (opposite-sex) marriages, do I investigate the moral fitness of the two people
getting married (i.e., Are they both virgins? Have they had engaged in premarital oral sex? Were either of
them previously married? Do they pay their taxes on time?) before I decide to attend?

3. Since same-sex marriage is quickly becoming legal in America, do I want to join in encouraging life-long
monogamous relationships for gay people or join in continuing to hope that the law changes back to marriage
only being legal for a man and a woman?

Your answers will determine if you should go.

Image courtesy Wikimedia.