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Tech's 2% Diversity Problem

posted Aug 5, 2014, 8:21 AM by Anjuan Simmons   [ updated Nov 19, 2014, 7:38 AM ]
The online auction company eBay joined Google, Twitter, Facebook, Yahoo, and Linkedin in releasing diversity data. Like all of the companies taking part in providing greater transparency about the composition of their work-forces, eBay had the same representation of Black technical workers: 2%. 

As an African-American technologist, I've been amazed that Blacks were the lowest represented minority group at these huge technology companies, and our representation, despite variance in other racial groups, was uniformly set at 2%. 

These companies claim that the "Pipeline Problem" explains the low diversity numbers, but I don't think that's true. A big reason I wrote my book Minority Tech was to describe life as a "two percenter" in technology and explain the real reason why the technology sector is so woefully non-diverse.

My book is a great resource for any young person of color you know who is returning to school this Fall, especially if they are considering a career in technology. It's also great if you want to know the real deal behind the diversity numbers tech companies are releasing. You can get the Kindle version of "Minority Tech" on Amazon here.

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