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The FAQ for the Black Technologists Slack Group

posted Jun 29, 2015, 11:00 AM by Anjuan Simmons   [ updated Jul 12, 2016, 1:52 PM ]
I created a private Slack group for Black Technologists. In order for everyone to understand the purpose of the group, the purpose of each channel, and the expected behavior required of each member, I created a channel called #faq. Here is the contents of the FAQ:

Q. What is the purpose of this group?
A. The purpose of the Black Technologists Group is to provide a safe and convenient way to discuss the intersection of Blacks and technology.

Q. What is the first thing I should do?
A. Introduce yourself in the #introductions channel. Use the format:  1. Name, 2. Location, 3. Tech Specialty, 4. An Unknown Fact about You

Q. How do I invite others to join the Black Technologists Slack community?
A. Send them this link:

Q. I see some channels that don’t send me notifications. Why?
A. You don’t automatically join all channels. This is to cut down on noise. However, you can tailor your experience. Simply click on the channel, and you will join it which enables notifications.

Q. Are there mobile Slack apps?
A. Yes, and we recommend using the iOS or Android Slack clients.

Q. I’d like to discuss programming languages.
A. Check out the #coding channel!

Q. Wouldn’t it be cool if I could play with funny animated gifs?
A. I think so, too! Just type “/giphy <term>” and see an animated gif based on your search term. Please only do this in the #random channel.

Q. Can I share information about a Black owned/operated startup company?
A. Yes, please! Share the information in the #startups channel. We ask that you at least list the startup's: Name, URL, Industry, Products/Services. However, feel free to share more information!

Q. I need to hire someone. Where can I share information about the job?
A. List it in the #tech-jobs channel.

Q. I need a job. Can this Slack group help me?
A. Yes, jobs are posted in the #tech-jobs channel. Please DM the person who posted the job.

Q. I’m in EdTech. Where are my peoples?
A. Your peoples are in the #edtech channel.

Q. I would like feedback on my resume.
A. Post it in the #review-my-resume channel. Make sure you take time to review the resumes that other members post in that channel, too!

Q. I have a problem in my professional/personal life. Can you hook me up with a mentor?
A. Absolutely! Describe it in the #advice channel.

Q. I have an amazing Tech event I want to share with the group. How do I share it? 
A. Kindly post it in the #events channel with the name, location, and description of the event.

Q. I want to personally attack someone.
A. Please refrain from personal attacks.

Q. I need to get something of my chest, but I don’t want to share it on Twitter or Facebook where my manager or my Grandmother can see it.
A. The #vent channel is for you!

Q. I want to become a professional speaker.
A. Check the #call-for-speakers for regularly posted speaking opportunities.

Q. I’d like to keep up with the latest tech news.
A. The #autopost-technews channels is automatically updated with tech news.

Q. I would like to discuss something about technology.
A. Feel free to start the discussion in the #tech channel.

Q. I want to share something a member of this group said outside of Slack.
A. What is said in this group should stay in this group. Our respect for discretion is absolute. If you want to publicly share something said in this group, then you can only do so with the express permission of the person who made the statement. Even if you obtain that person's permission, you should maintain their anonymity outside of Slack.