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The Time I was a Facebook Fake Husband

posted Dec 12, 2014, 6:53 AM by Anjuan Simmons
So, a friend of mine (whose anonymity I'm protecting) on Facebook alerted me a few months ago that someone had created a fake profile and included pictures of me as her fake husband:
Fraud 1

He sent me the first screenshot where someone created a persona named "Zoey" who is married to "Andy". The pictures she used for "Andy" are pictures of me:

I've redacted the names and pictures of the people who are in this thread because I'm not sure if they are just innocent bystanders or also fake accounts.

There are a few problems with what this person has done. First, I obviously am not married to this person. Second, how can I be old enough to be celebrating 23 years of marriage? Third, the person changed my name but described me as a person who works in technology; which I do. So, I suppose this person is operating under the rule that the best lie is riddled with truth.

Fortunately, my friend asked someone to call out the obvious misuse of my pictures:

Here's the rest of the thread before it was deleted:

Notice that some of the "people" in the thread make reference to "Andy" as if they know him. I assume that these are also fake accounts created by whoever is behind this.

Here are the lessons that were reaffirmed through this experience:
  1. If you have never met someone in person on social media, then there is a chance that person is misrepresenting themselves. 
  2. Don't ever exchange personal information with someone you have never met in person before or at least have met via videoconference (Skype, Facetime, etc.). Pictures are not enough to verify someone's identity.
  3. Routinely use online tools like TinEye to check if someone is using your pictures in ways that you would not approve.
  4. If you see pictures of someone you know used online in a way that they may disapprove of, do your friend a favor and let them know.