How does the African American experience intersect with solving the severe lack of diversity in the technology sector? Anjuan Simmons explores the answer to this question in Minority Tech: Journaling Through Blackness and Technology. The book is an essay anthology of the author's online and print works organized around the themes of Blackness, technology, diversity, and our collective humanity.

Using logic, humor, and an unflinching willingness to engage in tough conversations about race in America, Anjuan tackles perceptions of Blackness in America, the need for a Code of Conduct for Black men, the value of affirmative action, the impact of the first African American to ascend to the White House on the Black psyche, and other relevant topics.

Whether the reader is Black, Latino, female, disabled, or a member of other underrepresented groups in technology, Minority Tech will serve as a familiar account of what it’s like to differ from the majority demographic in technology. However, the author makes the case that a career in technology is worth any discomfort felt by minorities, and, furthermore, getting more minorities into technology fields is crucial to the economic success of historically disadvantaged groups.

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