Minority Tech

Journaling Through Blackness and Technology

Can the technology sector thrive without diversity?

The year 2014 will be remembered as a watershed moment for the technology industry. Google, Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, and LinkedIn released their diversity data revealing what we already knew to be true. The technology sector is overwhelmingly white and male. This lack of diversity limits the ability for technology to truly be an innovative field. Also, the sector's lack of inclusion continues to drive the women and minorities who can solve the diversity problem away from technology companies. Consider this book an essay anthology of how a member of a severely underrepresented group in technology came to experience the problem of diversity in technology and worked to help solve it. 

In Minority Tech, technologist Anjuan Simmons explores the nature of Blackness in America and how he came to be an advocate for greater diversity and inclusion in technology. His book is a road map for helping you become an advocate yourself. 

Mixing autobiographical material, humor, and a willingness to directly confront racism and sexism, Minority Tech shows how you, too, can understand the technology sector's diversity problem, fight against it, and recruit others to join the cause. 

Minority Tech Cover